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Water Treatment

Many people have problems related to the presence of calcium and iron in the water.

We may also find out if we have any problems when there are blocked taps, brown stains in washbasins and bathtubs and when toilets are not flushing properly; our coffee machines make noises; the washing machine is not working because the resistor is calcified, the iron is not pouring water, etc.

This problem is easily identifiable in domestic situations, but when we deal with it in an industrial context it becomes more difficult and the damages are rather costly.

Calcium is present even in public water networks from different parts of our country and also in other cases. Each person or company should try to identify this problem and minimize the associated risks.

Calcium corrodes our water-related facilities

After a few years, calcium may reduce water pressure in our homes and companies to about 50% or even more, in some cases. All the machines that have direct or indirect contact with these waters will have a short life span.

Does energy consumption increase with excessive calcium? A calcium deposit with a thickness of just ½ mm causes a 10% increase in energy consumption and, over the years, it may increase by 70-80%.

What is the solution for this problem?

Tempo de virgulas has devices that allow removing calcium and iron from the water in a completely automatic and non-chemical way. So, it can continue to be used for human consumption both for drinking and cooking purposes.

Salt electrolysisEletrólise do sal

Salt electrolysis is a very commonly used technology in private swimming pools because, in the medium term, it is economically competitive when compared with chlorine; the water is slightly brackish, pleasant to the touch, beautiful and crystalline, without any odours and doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

The operating principle of salt electrolysis disinfection involves a cycle in which the chlorine contained in salt (NaCl) is continuously reused. Initially, salt is dissolved in the water and, through the electrolytic cell, chlorine is separated from salt, resulting in sodium hypochlorite. When a sodium hypochlorite molecule finds a bacteria, it causes its oxidation and, consequently, sterilizes the water and creates a new salt that, in turn, by going through the electrolytic cell again, generates sodium hypoclorite once again.
When the salt electrolysis disinfection system is first implemented in a swimming pool, we begin by adding a small percentage of salt to the pool water (around 6 g of salt per litre of water), which corresponds to a slightly brackish water (sea water has around 34 g of salt per litre of water). In subsequent years, we only need to add the necessary salt to replace the one that was lost while washing the filter.


This is an innovative water treatment system in which disinfection is achieved using ultraviolet rays. Water goes through a circuit that emits ultraviolet rays and eliminates bacteria and viruses.

The UV radiation, which is produced by a mercury vapour lamp, penetrates the cell wall of a given microorganism, destroying its genetic stability and, consequently, its reproductive ability; so, they lose the ability to cause infections in human organisms. This is a clean system that doesn't leave any trace or residue (flavour in the water).
List of some of the eliminated substances:

Bacteria - destroys up to 99.9 %
Viruses - destroys up to 99.9 %
Fungi - destroys up to 90 %

Water Purifiers

Your family deserves the best Water Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier
The Reverse Osmosis Solution
  • Used by NASA for over 30 years
  • Used to desalinate sea water
  • Used in Hemodialysis service

This procedure is increasingly being used across the entire world to purify domestic and corporate water.

Advatage: Using reversed osmosis to purify water is the perfect solution. It allows eliminating water packages and having several litres of pure water available each day.
We are able to drink a type of water that is good for our health, for washing vegetables, salads and also for cooking and preparing drinks. All the people who use this technology are very pleased with the fact that they rediscovered the true taste of food, which is usually modified by chlorine and other products that were added to the water.

Reversed Osmosis is considered the most advanced water purification system in the world.

  • 5 Purification Stages
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Daily filtration capacity: 120 lts

Installation: Under the counter or kitchen sink
  • Independent tap

Stages of the OSM 1000 System


1st Stage

Elimination of Sediments– Removal of all the suspended particles existing in the water which are larger than 5 microns.


2st Stage

Activated Charcoal (2 filters) – Elimination of chemicals, such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, odours, flavours and chlorinated compounds (Trihalomethanes, etc.).

3st Stage

Reversed Osmosis – Removal of germs, viruses and bacteria, heavy metals, calcium, nitrates or any other substance existing in the water which is larger than 0.004 microns. So, the water molecules are separated from all the other elements the water may contain and, in this way, we obtain perfectly purified water.


4st Stage


Domestic Osmoses


Decalcification Valves

Composed of:
  • Valve
  • Column
  • Cationic decalcification resin
Fleck Valve
Autotrol Valve


Installed equipment